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These activities are to help reinforce learning how to listening for dates in sentences. It is combined with members of the family, to review that vocabulary in a passive way. These videos are thought to be worked with two at a time. The first video looks at male family members and the next video looks at female family members, both from oldest to youngest member of the family.  Students have access of videos 1 to 6 in the section of “students”, if the teacher would like to send the activities as homework and videos 7 and 8 are reserved for teachers to use as listening exams and are kept as a hidden link.

Another thing that is good for teacher to work on with their students at this point, is teaching them how to abbreviate what they hear as the listen. Tell them that the will be able write out the word later. Show them idea that they can do. For example, June could be written “jn”, July, “jy” and January “jny” This ability is important with the idea of guiding them onto listenings in B1 levels. This early start in developing listening skills, will have its reward in future levels.

Set 1 – Activity 1 & 2

Set 2 – Activity 3 & 4

Set 3 – Activity 5 & 6

Set 4 – Activity 7 & 8 – For exam material

Worksheet Listening for Teachers: Dates

Worksheet Listening for Students: Dates

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